Tooth Review: 1572 (obligatory spoiler warning)

Quote of the Week: “Who gains, who gains? That’s the clue Inga! Nobody kills for nothing – unless they’re a total psychopath like me, and even I like to turn a profit.” – P.J. ponders about his impersonator in Judge Dredd. Cover: Cliff Robinson draws P.J. Maybe and Dredd. Contents: Judge Dredd, Shakara, Kingdom, Strontium… Continue reading Tooth Review: 1572 (obligatory spoiler warning)

Tooth Review: 1569 & 1570

Covers: 1569 features a rather odd picture of some mutants by Simon Davies, clearly still in his Stone Island phase. 1570 features Gene from Kingdom mid-battle with some giant insects. The latter is clearly the more obviously commercial, but I was surprised to see that 1569 had sold out in a couple of days at… Continue reading Tooth Review: 1569 & 1570