I’m cultured, like, innit?

Fair dos to the Backbencher for mocking an article I wrote at work this week; I can’t pretend I didn’t walk into it. But if Ros really wants to portray me as an snooty cultural elitist and, by implication, herself as a horny-handed daughter of toil, she’s going to have to explain to me what… Continue reading I’m cultured, like, innit?

The froth has started

Have you noticed how, since Gordon Brown took over, politics has acquired something of an edge? Of course, there was the Ealing Southall silliness, in which the political blogosphere became obsessed with spin and counter-spin (mea culpa, feeble “I didn’t start it” excuses notwithstanding). Now, with the dead tree press’ traditional silly season in full… Continue reading The froth has started

Rhodri Morgan should be careful about what he wishes for

Rhodri Morgan is continuing to stand by his claims that climate change would not be ‘entirely unhelpful’ to the Welsh tourism industry, spurred on by John Redwood’s endorsement. I suggest he reads the Guardian’s interview with Jim Lovelock today (I have to admit I was rather annoyed by the cheeky way Stuart Jeffries treated Lovelock… Continue reading Rhodri Morgan should be careful about what he wishes for