Funny racism

Come off it guys, this is just a joke! Where’s your sense of humour? It’s political correctness gone mad! To make amends, perhaps Cllr Gordon ought to send Nelson Mandela the gift of poo. You know, for a larf. Hat tip: Recess Monkey.

Polls, the SNP and the Tories

Two interesting polls today. Times/Populus suggests that the SNP is well ahead in Scotland, but that support for independence has plummeted. I don’t doubt either trend, but combined they do suggest that the Scots still aren’t actively engaging with the election to the extent that this accurately predicts how they are likely to vote. I… Continue reading Polls, the SNP and the Tories

Why Tories are so poor at the art of seduction

What a pathetic little nothing Gideon Osbourne is. After moaning about how Gordon Brown ignores him (Gordo’s only human I guess), he went on to suggest the man was autistic. Now the little squit, having been outed for shamelessly going around trying to get MPs to defect, is suggesting that the people he has been… Continue reading Why Tories are so poor at the art of seduction