Crashing and Burnham

Poor old Andy Burnham. A few months ago I took him to task for aping the Tories and their proposed tax cuts for loveless marriages. Since then the boy has, improbably, gained a cabinet level post, but doesn’t appear to be doing any better. His performance on the Today Programme (which doesn’t appear to be… Continue reading Crashing and Burnham

The Lib Dem B Team (UPDATE)

Since my last post on Clegg’s frontbench reshuffled caused such a stir, I thought I ought to at least comment on the finalisation of his team. Firstly, on the question that adding the names makes the teams too large, I don’t accept this. The Shadow Ministers have limited roles to focus on specific areas; there… Continue reading The Lib Dem B Team (UPDATE)

James Purnell: Renaissance Man

James Purnell is quoted in the Guardian today as saying: “When Brian [McMaster, a former director of the Edinburgh International Festival who wrote a policy review to be published on Thursday commissioned by Purnell] talks about the potential for a new Renaissance, I don’t think that’s an overstatement. It’s exactly true.” There can be only… Continue reading James Purnell: Renaissance Man