Bottlenose confusion

Regular readers of this blog may be a little confused. To clarify: bottlenose dolphins are only distantly related to bottlenose whales (such as this fellah). While both are of course cetaceans, the former are members of the delphinidae family, while the latter are ziphidae. Frankly, I don’t know why they aren’t called false bottlenose dolphins.

Why quotation marks should be banned, part 125

I get a steady trickle of hits to this site via search engines due to my interest in false killer whales. This page, advertising paintings of very much real killer whales, which was one higher than me on MSN is interesting: If you “Love Whales” then you will definately want to start collecting Connie McClure’s… Continue reading Why quotation marks should be banned, part 125


One of my favourite species is the false killer whale, for no other reason than for its name. Here are some false killer whale-related facts (all courtesy of Wikipedia): False killer whales are not in fact whales, but cetaceans, and neither are killer whales. Both species kill dolphins, which seems a bit mean. Give a… Continue reading Taximisnomy