Nick Clegg’s lost month

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I’m moaning again on Comment is Free:

Sadly, the disappearance of the Lib Dem party leader each August has become an established part of the Lib Dem calendar. It used to be one of the things Charles Kennedy was regularly criticised for, the subtext often being that his disappearances were due to his drink problem, but Ming Campbell got stick for it as well. This is despite the fact that the silly season is a big opportunity for parties to set the political agenda in a period largely free of the daily grind of parliament.

I know my tendency to criticise the party on CiF annoys a lot of people but I will say this: critical articles tend to make better copy than flattering one (which means they are more likely to get commissioned). It’s better for Clegg to be talked about than not mentioned at all. And thirdly, I do always do my best to use these platforms to promote whatever the party is doing – even when I don’t agree with them.

So that, and the fact that Clegg is getting some free advice, means that I’m actually doing him a favour. Discuss.

5 thoughts on “Nick Clegg’s lost month

  1. I wish Clegg had disappeared more in August – the things he has been reported as saying this month have been remarkably stupid.

  2. But has Nick succeeded in getting under the ‘radar coverage’, the Western Morning News has had several sympathetic front pages over August, and even the comments column has given Nick praise.

  3. It isn’t me who demanded that Clegg cancel his holiday, but Nick Clegg. Personally, I’d be happy for him to go on his hols if he had sorted it so the party machine hadn’t shut down for a month.

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