EXCLUSIVE: Chamali Fernando quits the Lib Dems

I was woken this morning by texts asking if I’d heard that Chamali Fernando – putative candidate for London mayor and sister of party president candidate Chandila Fernando – has resigned the party. It transpires that his is apparently true. No word as to why, but I understand it happened before the vote on tuition fees last night (where she presumably would have supported abandoning the party’s policy to scrap fees).

It’s all go today, innit?


  1. This might manage the unique attribute rating at less than zero in the public awareness. 😛

    (Which is not to say it’s not worthwhile).

  2. You’ve really been asleep. Chamali sent a message to members of a Facebook group earlier in the week stating that she had quit the Lib Dems. If I hadn’t already quit and still been blogging on Liberal Legend II I might have beaten you to it!

    The lady is still being tightlipped despite people exhorting her on Facebook to tell us why.

  3. Not being one of the cool kids, I’m not one of Chamali’s Facebook friends. I humbly apologise for my social pariah status. What’s it like being so popular?

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