OfCom, the Global Warming “Swindle” and Revolutionary Communism

The controversy surrounding last year’s Great Global Warming Swindle highlights a number of things for me. First of all, the OfCom ruling today appears to have caused more heat than light. The report states that: …In dealing with these complaints therefore Ofcom had to ascertain – not whether the programme was accurate – but whether… Continue reading OfCom, the Global Warming “Swindle” and Revolutionary Communism

Why didn’t Clegg visit H&H?

Please disregard the football-related metaphor in the heading (not my choice of words), but here is my CiF piece on the Haltemprice and Howden by-election. It would appear that my analysis is pretty much the same as Stephen Tall’s – i.e. Clegg was right to back Davis but failed to press his advantage home: However… Continue reading Why didn’t Clegg visit H&H?

Two Ds, Two faces?

I spotted this quote from David Davis this morning but LDV beat me to it: “I’m sorry that Labour and the Liberal Democrats funked it, but we’re still having a good argument and getting the issue raised.” Both personally and professionally I’ve spent quite a lot of time defending Davis’ actions, at least up to… Continue reading Two Ds, Two faces?