Completely Nuts

I’m confused about this latest ad ban. Which character is meant to be gay? The one who is walking peculiarly, or the one wearing lots of gold jewelry, referring to pride in the “man race” and chomping down hard on phallic shaped object demanding that we “get some nuts”?

If this ad is meant to represent the ultimate hetero bashing a homo, I’m Mad Murdoch.


  1. I was trying to make that point as well, but I got a bit carried away by the glorious campness that is Mr T.

  2. So what do they do if they receive 3 complaints about having pulled the ad? Surely then the score is 3-2.

    At the risk of a “South Park flag” moment – isn’t the advert really showing the dangers of aggressive black men who are depicted as driving round prosperous white suburbs randomly machine-gunning white middle-class pedestrians.

  3. Good point. I suspect GOP activists right now are ruminating on whether Barack Obama has clear proof that he has never affected a mohawk and gold chains and prowled the streets with a chocolate firing machine gun.

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