1. Well, the fact you didn’t leave your name suggests you are a Conservative, but the point is the James Gray incident is a financial scandal. He spent months keeping his ex-wife on the payroll and then put his mistress/new wife on the payroll as soon as she was out of the way.

  2. You are so unimaginative that you should be ashamed of yourself, if you think being a Conservative is the only reason to stay anonymous.

  3. I’m not the one trying to misrepresent a scandal with a view to belittling it. Which one of us should be ashamed of ourselves?

  4. You are clearly a paranoid. I’m not trying to misrepresent anything. I simply wasn’t aware there was also a financial scandal. As a practicing Christian, shouldn’t you try to believe the best of your neighbour’s motives?

    You make me feel sick. Each time I have tried to communicate with you, if feel like after a meal in McDonald’s. Shouldn’t I already learn? And you, get a life beside politics?

  5. Kieran (isn’t it?),

    Last time I looked I was pretty the exact opposite of a ‘practising Christian.’

    I’m sorry I make you physically sick. Perhaps if you didn’t post anonymous attacks every time you come on here, you wouldn’t get this reception.

    It would also help if you actually read what I wrote before lumbering in. So, for example, if I provide you with a link to a story about James Gray’s financial proclivities, you don’t attack me for something else before bothering to read it.

    But then you’re a troll so I probably shouldn’t even bother.

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