Daily Archives: 9 April 2008

David Cameron’s privacy

It is none of my business if David Cameron’s disabled son has been rushed to hospital or not, but it does raise an issue about the way Cameron expects to be able to turn his family’s privacy on and off like a tap whenever its suits him. Apart from that recent ITN footage of him serving his kids breakfast and that notorious Webcameron film, there was the fact that early in his leadership he invited cameras to film him taking Ivan to hospital in the back of an ambulance.

The way Cameron has used his family is quite spectacularly cynical. He has frequently used Gordon Brown’s protectiveness of his own family against him in a quite nasty way and just seems to treat his own children as props to advance his own agenda. It may yet end up biting him in the bum. It makes Clegg’s “30 lovers” admission seem tame in comparison.