Laurence Boyce: j’accuse (UPDATE)

I had intended to respond to Laurence Boyce’s handbagging in response to me calling him a bigot a while ago. Not wanting to get dragged into the comments thread (which appears to still be getting longer and longer…), I meant to post a riposte here last week but I got knocked out by the lurgy… Continue reading Laurence Boyce: j’accuse (UPDATE)

The malevolent domination of Simon Hoggart

Reading this sketch (ho, and indeed, hum) on the BBC website by Susan Hulme, I was struck by this thought: “why do so many bad sketch writers think that the way to do it is to impersonate Simon Hoggart’s personal writing style?” It’s all there: the short sentences, the lame gags about individual’s physical characteristics,… Continue reading The malevolent domination of Simon Hoggart