Jedi Rights NOW!

The British Council of Jedi are the voice of British Jedi. We exist to represent the rights of all Jedi to the UK Government and to demand that Jedi are given equal rights alongside the other main faiths in the UK.

We want:
* a total ban on religious hatred against Jedi and criticism of our sacred religious texts
* a total ban on blasphemous texts such as The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and a ban on the Great Betrayer, Darth Lucas from being allowed into the UK
* full and equal recognition alongside other faith groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain, the British Board of Jewish Deputies, the Church of England, the Hindu Council UK and the Sikh Federation UK
* representation in the House of Lords alongside other faith groups
* recognition of the right of Jedi communities to enforce their own religious laws, run faith schools and run their own services according to Jedi law

We will work constructively with all faith groups to help achieve these ends. Except the evil Sith.

You can sign up to the British Council of Jedi on Facebook (note: you will need to register on the site).

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