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Not so energetic

For all Mark Oaten’s PR background and promise of an energetic campaign, as of now (5.30pm), he hasn’t updated his website since the beginning of December, despite launching his campaign earlier today (correction: actually, I’ve just spotted that the site was updated yesterday. Nothing about the leadership though, let alone a link to a campaign website).

Compare that to the slick launch of David Cameron, who he claims to be the Lib Dems’ answer to.

UPDATE: According to my referrals, I discover that I am the 5th Google result for Mark Oaten leadership campaign. Mate, if you’re depending on me to do your PR for you give up now. It gets worse from here on.

Perspective? Please?

What kind of a world do we live in where John Howard can be winning a poll as the “worst abuser of democracy” over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by a factor of 7:1?

I have no brief for Howard, who is extremely bad news and bears considerable responsibility for the riots currently going on in his country. But come on!

It is desperately sad that the Left has degenerated into two factions: one that thinks that Tony Blair is as bad as Hitler and the other that thinks that George Bush is the Second Coming. Anyone who fits anywhere between the two stools is dismissed as that worst of all possible worlds, a liberal.

Socialism has never been more irrelevant than it is now.

Flocking about

I wasn’t sure whether Martin felt ready to publicly announce this yet, but since he’s mentioned it on his blog, I’ll do the same.

Flock Together is a new website aimed at helping to promote Lib Dem by-elections, meetings and social activities. Martin Tod has done a simply fantastic job at this and deserves some kind of reward.

The site has just had its 250th member. I would strongly urge you to register right now and be its 251st. And while you’re at it, I invite all liberals to come to the Liberal Drinks on Wednesday 18 January – register on the site so we know you’re coming.


This is the sort of thing that annoys me about BBC journalism:

According to the Lib Dems, 42% of schoolchildren who took part in a mock general election organised by the Hansard Society in 2,000 schools this year voted for the party.

Actually, it isn’t according to the Lib Dems, it’s according to the Hansard Society. The BBC can’t even state the facts without some weird post-modernist nonsense getting slotted in. Is it too much to expect journalists simply to state the facts without editorialising everything?