Will another Tory suffer the curse of Quaequam Blog!?

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I have to admit that, while I am tempted to offer Conservatives platitudes about reaping what they sow, I really am a bit uncomfortable about the allegations being made against Ray Lewis.

The fact that they are being made by an Anglican Bishop sets alarm bells going off instantly. But the fact that the woman he is alleged to have ripped off remains a personal friend and in his employ makes it even harder to swallow. There are dark mutterings about sexual misconduct, but significantly no actual allegations being made. He has answered all the questions put to him robustly and straightforwardly. It does all look rather like a bit of a smear, compounded by the standard of the Church’s own record keeping.

When you consider the number of paedophiles it lets operate under its radar, it’s amazing how they seem to think they have chapter and verse on Ray Lewis.

A caveat though: a few weeks ago I sprang to the defence of Caroline Spelman. In light of more recent developments however, I rather wish I hadn’t. So, innocent until proven guilty and all that, but I will suspend my judgement.

6 thoughts on “Will another Tory suffer the curse of Quaequam Blog!?

  1. The more news that comes out, the less good it looks for Ray Lewis, particularly the news today that the MoJ has denined he ever was a magistrate.

  2. Clearly there must be something in this curse business. In which case, for the record, I regard George Osbourne to be a fine and honourable man, entirely above reproach.

  3. Will another Tory suffer the curse of Quaequam Blog!?


    Prehaps you ought to eat more iron filings for breakfast. Having said that, at least it reflects some fair-mindedness on your part.

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