Team Clegg: in full scale meltdown?

What is going on with Team Clegg? As Mark Littlewood wrote earlier this week, Clegg has surrounded himself with a team of people who, in 2006, very nearly let a 200-1 longshot defeat him. It has taken them a geological age, in political terms, for them to get their website up and running. Then, yesterday,… Continue reading Team Clegg: in full scale meltdown?

Littlewood and the Westminster Hour

Some interesting points here from Mark Littlewood regarding the Lib Dem leadership contest. I agree with him that Chris Huhne needs to present himself more as a team player, and that Nick Clegg should be wary of relying on a campaign team that nearly lead Ming Campbell to defeat. I also – strongly – endorse… Continue reading Littlewood and the Westminster Hour

My leadership dilemma

At the moment, it looks as if the main candidates in this race will be Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne. Caveats cannot be stressed enough: remember when Mark Oaten looked like a real challenger and Chris Huhne a mere also ran? We can’t dismiss the other potential challengers; Steve Webb, Ed Davey and Susan Kramer… Continue reading My leadership dilemma