LONDON ~ Parliamentarians ~ Others




The following have confirmed they will be attending the London demonstration:

Parliamentarians and Assembly Members

Charles Kennedy MP

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Skye and Inverness West

Richard Allan MP Sheffield Hallam
Tom Brake MP Carshalton & Wallington
Brian Cotter MP Weston-Super-Mare
Chris Davies MEP North West
Lynne Featherstone Greater London Assembly Member
Don Foster MP Bath
Sandra Gidley MP Romsey
Lord Anthony Greaves
Paul Holmes MP Chesterfield
Simon Hughes MP Southwark and Bermondsey
Chris Huhne MEP South East
Norman Lamb MP North Norfolk
Lord Anthony Lester
Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP London
Liz Lynne MEP West Midlands
Paul Marsden MP Shrewsbury and Atcham
Lord Tom McNally
Baroness Sue Miller
Lord Dick Newby
Bill Newton-Dunn MEP East Midlands
Lord Matthew Oakeshott
Lembit Öpik MP Montgomeryshire
David Rendel MP Newbury
Nigel Roberts Member of the States of Alderney (Channel Islands Parliament)
Baroness Ros Scott
Matthew Taylor MP Truro & St Austell
Jenny Tonge MP Richmond Park
Baroness Joan Walmsley


Other Party Members

Robert Adamson  
Dave Allen Executive, Rushcliffe Lib Dems
Lucy Allen  
Ruth Allen  
Neil Anslow  
Sam Baars  
Cllr Miss Iona Baker Worthing Borough Council
Nigel Bakhai Chair, Ealing Southall
Keith Baldry Chair, South West Devon; Devon and Cornwall Regional Executive; English Council
Cllr Jon Ball International Relations Committee, Federal Conference Committee, Liberal Democrats Online Executive
Rob Banks Vauxhall Liberal Democrats Executive
Cllr Margaret Begg Leader, Warwick District Council Group
Michael Benoy  
Roger Billins  
Ailsa Bishop  
Cllr Louise Bloom Eastleigh Borough Council
Steve Bolter Halstead and Hedingham
Duncan Borrowman Greater London Assembly Spokesperson
Michael Bourke Liberal Democrat Youth and Students Executive
Rob Brettle Secretary, Manchester Blackley Liberal Democrats
Cllr Diana Buckley Carpenter Vice Chair Wokingham Liberal Democrats; Wokingham Unitary Authority
Jane Carr East Midlands Regional Executive; Chair, Grantham and Stamford Liberal Democrats
Theodore Butt Philip Federal Policy Committee, Liberal Democrat Youth & Students Executive
Catharine Campion-Smith  
Clare Campion-Smith  
Ian Campion-Smith Western Counties Regional Executive
Iris Chown Secretary, Taunton Liberal Democrats
Cllr Richard Church Leader of the Opposition, Northampton Borough Council
Micheal Cooper Boston and Skegness Lib Dems
Andrew Dakers Brentwood & Isleworth Liberal Democrats
Alexander Davies Streatham
Cllr Stephen Dering London Borough of Lambeth
Mike Dixon English Council Executive, West Midlands Region Executive, Parliamentary Candidates Association Executive
Tim Dumper Parliamentary Spokesperson, East Devon
Adam Edwards Green Liberal Democrats Executive
Debbie Enever  
Cllr Gareth Epps Federal Executive, Federal Conference Committee, ALDC Standing Committee
Cllr David Evans Deputy Leader, Chester City Council
Jade Farrington Chair, West Midlands Liberal Democrat Youth & Students
Cllr Neil Fawcett Executive Member, Oxfordshire County Council
Alex Feakes Chair, London Policy Committee
Rob Fenwick  
Linda Forbes Warwick and Leamington Executive
Alex Foster  
John Fraser  
Johan Frick Folkpartiet Liberalerna (Sweden)
Jonathan Fryer  
Richard Gadsden  
Gill Gardiner  
Lucy Gardiner Wirral
Mark Gettleson Youth & Student Officer, Hillingdon Liberal Democrats
Gary Glover Chair, North Southwark & Bermondsey Liberal Democrats
Bernard Gowers Oxford Liberal Democrats
James Graham Federal Executive; Organisational Vice Chair, Green Liberal Democrats
Simon Green West Dorset Parliamentary Spokesperson
Chris Gurney Federal Policy Committee; Liberal Democrat Youth & Students Executive
Simon Hanson Federal Finance and Administration Committee
Cllr Richard Harker Vice Chair, Yorkshire and the Humber Region
Rosalyn Harper Parliamentary Spokesperson, Surrey Heath; Federal Executive
Becky Harvey Federal Finance & Administration Committee; Chair, Liberal Democrats Online
David Harvey  
David Hooper City of Chester Executive, former President
Cllr Dan Houghton Lewisham Borough Council
Cllr Keith House Leader, Eastleigh Borough Council
Mike Huddy  
Cllr Jim James Cardiff County Council
Cllr Simon James Kingston Borough Council
Cllr Ben Jephcott Key Seats Officer, West Midlands
Chris Jephcott Former Chair, Enfield and Southgate Lib Dems
Cllr Martin Johns Group Leader, South Northamptonshire Council; Mayor of Towcester
Cllr Robert Jordan City of Chester Council
Cllr Claire Kelley North Yorkshire County Council
Susan King  
Simon Kovar Chair, Finchley and Golders Green Liberal Democrats
Susan Kramer Federal Executive
Cllr Paul Kyriacou London Borough of Southwark
Chris Layton Vice Chair, Dartmoor South West Liberal Democrats
Rob Lee  
Liz Leffmann Membership Secretary, Witney Constituency; Agent, Charlbury
Ralph Lovesy  
Emily Maiden  
Simon Mann  
Cllr Fiona Martin Chair, East Midlands Region; Group Leader, East Lindsey District Council
Donnachadh McCarthy Deputy Chair, Federal Executive
Tony McCobb Organiser, Haltemprice and Howden Constituency
Sally Monk  
Dr Ann Morrison Birmingham Northfield Lib Dems
Vijay Naidu Chair, Lewisham Liberal Democrats
Chris Nelson Chair, Kettering Liberal Democrat Youth & Students
Kim Northwood  
Kevin O'Connor  
Judith Ost Newhaven
Emma Pedley  
Sam Potts Chair, Ouse Valley Lib Dems; President, Milton Keynes LDYS
Cllr Bill Powell Group Leader, North Warwickshire Borough Council
Emma Price  
Gary Purkiss  
Nicola Quill  
Louise Radnofsky Former President, Oxford University Liberal Democrats
Cllr Lisa Rajan London Borough of Southwark
Ian Ridley Agent, Harborough Constituency; East Midlands Liberal Democrats Executive
Eleanor Ritchie Chair, Oldham East and Saddleworth Liberal Democrats
Brian Robson Vice Chair (Campaigns), Liberal Democrat Youth and Students
Janice Rosie  
Angi Ryan Treasurer, University of Teeside Liberal Democrats
Ian Ruxton Former Councillor, London Borough of Sutton
Cllr Gordon Seekings Group Leader, Crawley Borough Council
Cllr Linda Seekings Crawley Executive; 2001 Crawley Parliamentary Candidate
Nicky Sewell Liberal Democrat Youth & Students
Christina Shaw Leeds North West Executive
Sue Simmonds Executive, Liberal International
Andrew Stamp  
John Stephens  
Roger Stephens Chair, Louth & Horncastle Lib Dems
Anne Swann Chair, Crowthorne and Sandhurst Liberal Democrats
Isabelle Swann  
Alex Sweet  
Trevor Sword Secretary, Birmingham Northfield Liberal Democrats
Cllr Steven Tall Deputy Group Leader, Oxford City Council
Cllr Richard Thomas LBC Southwalk, Green Liberal Democrats Executive
Huw Thomas  
Siobhan Vitelli Green Liberal Democrats, London Region Candidates Committee
Cllr Paul Walter Newbury Town Council
Constance Watson Guildford Liberal Democrats
Donald Watson Guildford Liberal Democrats
Jean Watts  
Keith Watts Chair, Whitchurch Branch, Hampshire North West
Alison Wheeler Vice President, DELGA; English Council; London Liberal Democrats Executive
Penny Wilkins Chair, Candidates Committee, East Midlands Liberal Democrats
Dave Wood Liberal Democrat Youth and Students Executive
Robert Woodthorpe Browne Chair, Liberal International (British Group)
Pat Wreford-Bush Membership Secretary, Warwick and Leamington Liberal Democrats
Jen Yockney Chair, Liberal Democrat Youth & Students (England)


The following have confirmed they will be attending the Glasgow demonstration:

John Barrett MP Edinburgh West
Robert Brown MSP City of Glasgow
Cllr Kate Dean Leader of the Opposition, Aberdeen City Council
Bob Howden West Lothian Liberal Democrats
Brian Judd  
Caron Lindsay West Lothian Liberal Democrats Executive
Faith Martin  
Jon Neal Parliamentary Spokesperson, Haltemprice and Howden
Cllr Bernard Salmon  
Jo Swinson Scottish Parliamentary Spokesperson, Strathkelvin and Bearsden
Nikki Thomson  


The following have confirmed they will be attending one of the many other demonstrations across the country and around the world:

Daniel Campbell Manchester Blackley Lib Dems Executive Manchester Stop the War Vigil
Dave Besag Secretary, Newcastle City Liberal Democrats Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Newcastle Monument)
Alison Goldsworthy Chair, Liberal Democrat Youth & Students Copenhagen
Duncan Hames Parliamentary Spokesperson, Westbury Westbury



I will be attending the Glasgow demonstration on 15th February. I have been contacted by hundreds of people by phone, email and in person. Only one has been in favour of military action based on the evidence we have at present. We must never give up the chance to find a peaceful solution.

John Barrett MP

Some decades ago, an Australian right wing government "wrapped itself in the national flag" to portray opposition to the Vietnam war as unpatriotic. Many fair minded Americans must feel similarly abused today. Our demonstration is vital to encourage both them and other "old Europeans" in their misgivings about the Bush/Blair rationale for war.

Michael Benoy

There is no case for war against Iraq - if the weopons inspectors cannot find anything - perhaps there's nothing to be found!!!!

Rob Brettle

For the sake of so many lives, make your voice heard.

Theodore Butt Philip

This is the first time in my life I have ever been on a demo but feel so strongly that we should all stand up and be counted. Perhaps then Tony Blair will find out what people of this nation really think.

Iris Chown

My mother is demonstrating for the first time since Suez, so moved is she to protest against the abuse of international law and the unilateralism of Bush/Blair.

It really is important that Liberal Democrats make their voices heard loud and clear to restate what the real priorities are for justice and peace, particularly in the Middle East. Protesting against this unjustified war shows how strongly we feel about it.

Cllr Gareth Epps

This will be the first time I've ever been on a national demonstration, but I had to stand up and be counted on this one.

Richard Gadsden

I'll be in Copenhagen on the 15th Feb, showing it isn't just people in the UK who don't want to go to war. The war will have international effects, international public opinion is against this war, it is about time Tony Blair stopped behaving like a poodle and emerged from behind George Bush's shadow. There is not sufficient evidence for war I'm marching to say I don't want it.

Alison Goldsworthy

War on Iraq without a mandate from the UN would be a crime of astonishing dimensions. How could people who claim to be Christians, like Bush and Blair, venture on such an undertaking?

David Harvey

I usually sit back and let my wife do the politics but I feel so strongly that this war is wrong that I'll be going to Glasgow next Saturday. It's 30 years since I was last on any sort of march.

Bob Howden

War is never painless; this will clearly do more harm than good.

Cllr Jim James

We are being misled and pushed into war and danger. Tony Blair won't allow us to vote, or his party, or parliament and is prepared to ignore the UN and Nato, if other countries can't be bullied into line. US defense sec. Rumsfeld and his cronies sold Saddam anthrax and other weapons while supporting the war with Iran. I don't trust war criminals. 500,000 deaths or more just from sanctions. (UN figures) Cluster bombing hasn't 'sorted out' Afghanistan. Hooray for 'old europe'. I'll be at the Glasgow demonstration to protest about this war on a lie.

Brian Judd

Britain are not Americas 51st state, and 84% of Britains citizens do not want this war. When is Blair going to listen to HIS people and not Bushes warmongers?

War with Iraq will increase terrorism in this country with the likes of suicide bombers operating in our towns and cities. The attrocities in Iraq on innocent men, women and children will be like nothing we have seen before. If Blair and Bush go to war with Iraq without the consent of the UN then they MUST be tried for war crimes against innocent civilians.


Rob Lee

According to the polls the vast majority of people oppose unilateral military action on Iraq. I haven't seen any evidence yet that justifies putting the lives of our service personnel and possibly ourselves at risk. It's important that we stand up and be counted on 15 February. If you think war is wrong, make your voice heard at a march near you.

Caron Lindsay

I am not a pacifist and have never marched before, but I feel that Tony Blair has behaved disgracefully on this issue. He is dragging us into a war that the vast majority of British people oppose and will not even allow Parliament to vote on the issue. We should not hesitate to point out that the Lib Dems are the only party that is principled enough to oppose unilateral military action. I will definitely be attending the march and will bring along as many friends and family members as I can.

Ralph Lovesy

I have been a member of the Labour Party for seven years since I was fifteen. I have held numerous posts in my local Constituency Labour Party (CLP) e.g CLP Youth Officer, secretary of the Local Government Committee, a member of the CLP management committee and a branch vice-chair.

However, inspite of my membership of the Labour Party I am enraged at the Prime Minister's plans to go to war with Iraq, if necessary, without the sanction of the United Nations. It is excellent to see a mainstream party such as the Lib Dems opposing this war. If the Lib Dems can work with dissident Labour MPs, the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists and Conservatives such as Douglas Hogg who have all signalled opposition to this war, then it might, even at this late stage prevent a war.

We need co-operation across the mainstream Parties to stop this war.

Well done Charles Kennedy for this courageous stand against an illegal war!

Michael Mullaney

Well done LDs, for daring to be different.

Kim Northwood

I am against any war led by Bush and Blair alone for many reasons which i won't go into as i'm sure you all know them. However, To me, this march is far more than that. It is about standing up for the democracy and freedoms which we are so lucky to enjoy in our so called 'free world'. We must show Blair that he cannot and must not lead our nation into actions which only a tiny minority want. I urge anyone who has ever thought that democracy is a good thing to attend the march.

Kevin O'Connor

I feel that it's time to stand up and be counted-It's time to send Blair a message - that the people of this country don't want an unjust war!

Emma Price

I have never attended a peace demo before, but I shall be attending the demo in Glasgow on Feb 15. It's important that we all stand up and be counted and say that the war on Iraq will be unjust. We have to keep exposing the bankruptcy of the arguments of those on favour of the war.

Cllr Bernard Salmon

This is a vital moment in British-and global- politics. Whilst the march is primarily about preventing war and saving thousands of innocent lives, at the same time it is also about democracy, government accountability and preventing Blair from overriding the overwhelming opinion of the British electorate.

Andrew Stamp

We have a Lincolnshire coach going to the London march with up to 45 people on board, with placards, banners, etc.

Roger Stephens

I'll be at the Glasgow demonstration, to send a strong message to Tony Blair at the Labour Party Conference. This kind of situation is what the United Nations is for - if the US & UK go to war in Iraq, the principles of international law will be completely undermined. How can we expect other countries to abide by it if we don't?

Jo Swinson

It is quite ludicrous that Tony Blair says, without batting an eyelid, that there is a "clear and imminent" threat to the United Kingdom from Saddam Hussein. The proposed war was decided upon long before September 11th by George Bush. It is up to us to stand up and be counted to stop Tony Blair being dragged into a war unapproved by the UN which will turn this country into a pirate state.

Cllr Paul Walter