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Marching for Peace

London, 15 February 2003

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GLASGOW, 15 February 2003

"Well done LDs, for daring to be different."


Charles Kennedy MP

1 Party Leader!

14 MPs, 5 MEPs, 9 Peers, 1 GLAM, 10+ Council Group Leaders, more than 3,000 Lib Dems* and approximately

2 million


...came on 15 February. How was it for you?

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*Approximate number at the official Lib Dem march with Charles Kennedy.

Policy FE Resolution Pledge Support Liberal Democrat Peace Group Stop the War Coalition Resources
Policy FE Resolution Pledge Support Peace Group Stop the War Coalition Resources


A message from the Federal Executive

Dear friend,

Saturday's march is now just a few days away now, and the anticipation is building to fever pitch!

It is clear that when the Federal Executive decided to encourage members to attend this demo (click here for more information), it was tapping into a growing feeling of unease within the Party about what is going on on the world stage, and a desire to do something about it.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged to attend the march. The list of MPs, MEPs, Peers and members from across Britain on this site really inspiring. And that is just scratching the surface. I have had literally hundreds of people contact me over the past month to confirm they will be attending from across the country. I've given up counting now, but it is clear we will be a force to be reckoned with.

Now Charles has confirmed his attendence it is absolutely vital that we redouble our efforts to ensure that the Liberal Democrats form a visible presence, demonstrating our opposition to this war on the current discredited evidence. Please ring your friends and colleagues over the next few days to encourage them to come. And make sure they confirm their attendence by filling in the form on this website.

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Love and liberty,

Donnachadh McCarthy

(March Co-ordintor), Deputy Chair, Federal Executive


Meeting Point

We will be meeting at 12 noon in front of the Festival Hall on the South Bank (nearest tube: Westminster). For a map, click here.

  • Charles Kennedy speaks: 12.15 (NEW!)
  • Departure time to join main march: 12.30 (see below)

Bring Lib Dem banners, stickers and t-shirts. We will provide specially designed recruitment leaflets (we handed out nearly a thousand at the last march), and placards. We have also ordered 2 6-meter banners.

Please encourage as many of your Lib Dem colleagues as possible to attend.


If you need to contact someone on the day, please telephone Becky Harvey - XXXXX XXX XXX or James Graham - XXXX XXX XXX.


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