Resolution of the Federal Executive of the Liberal Democrats, passed on 21/1/03.

The Executive:

  1. Notes the ongoing Iraq crisis.
  2. Supports the line being taken by the Parliamentary Party that there remains no compelling argument for military action to be taken against Iraq at the present time.
  3. Praises the work of the Parliamentary team, in particular Charles Kennedy and Menzies Campbell, for their principled and determined stance on this issue which has caught the public mood.
  4. Continues to support the policy adopted at Brighton Conference 2002, that the UK should participate in military action only as a last resort; if clear and uncontrovertible evidence emerges to show that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and is likely to use them; after a full and intensive debate in Parliament; with an explicit mandate in the form of a UN resolution or in accordance with international law and; if designed as far as possible to avoid civilian casualties.
  5. Therefore encourages Liberal Democrat members to voice their concerns about the Iraq situation, in particular by participating in the Stop the War demonstration on Saturday 15 February.
  6. Calls on the Party to publicise this fact through the press, the party's email and internet facilities and Liberal Democrat News.
  7. Requests that the Parliamentary Party send one of their number to speak at the post-demonstration rally on behalf of the Federal Party.

Passed nem con.