Daily Archives: 7 March 2012

Staying out of the churn

Against my original intentions, I’ve decided to write a short follow up to my resignation announcement on Monday.

I’ve been touched by the overwhelmingly sympathetic and supportive responses that I’ve had. I was expecting a lot more anger and gloating and that’s taken me aback somewhat. Thank you; it means a lot to me. And I really am sorry if I’ve upset anyone.

To everyone concerned about my welfare, I want to assure you that I’m absolutely fine. I’m certainly busy, but very happy.

A lot of people have been bemused about my big mystery act, declining to explain why I’ve left. I’m sorry about that, but I’ve done it this way because I didn’t want find myself caught up in the media circus, or to cause more unfortunate headlines for the party in the week running up for conference.

While not being a particularly important person in the grand scheme of things, my various party positions are such that I can be described, in journalistic terms, a “senior Liberal Democrat” or worse, if the journalist in question is particularly cretinous, a “close aide to Nick Clegg” (clue: I’m really not).

If I’d written an explanation, whatever I wrote, however temperate and constructive, would have been selectively quoted beyond all meaning and shoehorned to fit into whatever predetermined narrative the journalist in question had decided on that morning.

I want people to understand my decisions for leaving; indeed it is a theme I intend to return to quite a few times. But I have no desire to play that game. I’m nobody’s trophy.

The fact is that while my non-explanation might be upsetting for fellow party members who genuinely value my opinion, it is deeply, deeply boring to the average journalist. And thus far, my ploy has worked. I’ve only had to turn down one (polite) media bid.

So, anyway, that was my thinking and right or wrong I’ll be revealing all soon. It will probably be an anti-climax when I finally do publish, but that suits me just fine.

Thanks again everybody.