Suzanne Moore and ever decreasing circles

I’ve been pondering over whether to write a post about identity politics-centred twitterstorms for a while now, but each time I get close to doing so, I back off. The reason? A fear of getting engulfed in the same maelstrom that I’d be commenting on. That in itself is probably a good reason to write,… Continue reading Suzanne Moore and ever decreasing circles

Clegg and coalition six months on

The fact that Lib Dem conference is rapidly approaching means that I have a semi-anniversary of my own to mark. It’s now been just over six months since I left the Lib Dems. Life after party politics How do I feel? I’ve had a tough, and at times frustrating half year: negotiating the fineries of… Continue reading Clegg and coalition six months on

Marx, Marquises and Marquand

David Marquand is offering the Liberal Democrats some advice, graciously for free, over on Our Kingdom. First of all he denounces us for having “more unelected legislators than elected ones” and concludes that this proves that we “can’t be taken seriously as an agent of democratic change.” Unbeknownst to anyone else until now, this is… Continue reading Marx, Marquises and Marquand