Who killed the rainbow?

An unseemly spat has broken out between Bethan Jenkins and Peter Black on Twitter: PB: @bethanjenkins you were considering rainbow option weeks after LD exec vote. Your rejected it. Nothing delusional about that. BJ: @peterblackwales- your party refused it before that. PB: @bethanjenkins no it didnt Bethan.My party voted for it. Stop rewriting history. BJ:… Continue reading Who killed the rainbow?

The Rhodrifather: Part II

According to the BBC: A senior Plaid source said it had been given an offer that would be very difficult to refuse. Cue: visions of horse’s heads and wedding parties. To be honest, I think this is the best possible outcome. It will of course drag Labour off to the left, which in turn will… Continue reading The Rhodrifather: Part II

Twisting in the Welsh wind

In Wales, it would appear, it is all over bar the shouting. The Welsh Lib Dem Executive voted down the deal hammered out between their negotiating team, Plaid and the Tories and even though the special conference called to approve any coalition deal is happening anyway, it is hard to see how the parties can… Continue reading Twisting in the Welsh wind