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Consistency? Please?

An interesting story from Yellow Peril:

British Iranians protest outside Lib Dem HQ in protest at a leading party member’s attitude to the repressive, Islamist, regime in power there.

A small point that Harry’s Place and KK could do well to remember: Emma Nicholson is one of the few outspoken supporters of the Iraq War in the Lib Dems. That didn’t make the Lib Dems pro-intervention then and it doesn’t make the Lib Dems pro-Iran now.

If you want the Lib Dem line on Iran, you only need to go to the party’s website.

Bah humbug!

kinnockkid“: I appreciate your blog exists to slag off the Lib Dems, but resorting to slagging off spoof stories about Christmas is a little desperate isn’t it?

What with Yellow Peril, Fib Dems and the possible redux of Lib Dem Watch (it was offline until a few days ago), it looks as if Labour activists are intending to spend 2006 procrastinating about their own internal problems by offering us helpful advice about our own. Good news.