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Hoody Bang Bang

I don’t really understand this new panic caused by a youth pointing his fingers at David Cameron. Who hasn’t been tempted to make finger gestures at the man?

The lad is clearly not bright, “The only drugs I do are weed and a bit of cocaine, but I don’t tell my mum about that,” perhaps not being the most sensible thing to say to a national newspaper with a circulation of millions. And if you were a teenage boy who lived on a housing estate and were called Florence, wouldn’t you feel you had something to prove?

Surely the key is to stop such boys from being given such girly names? If he was called Ryan Norris (or even Ryan Ryan), I suspect he would be an angel.

Plus, it should be pointed out that in Manchester, they give you an ASBO just for looking funny. It’s the Government’s best practice model for implementing an ‘effective’ Respect agenda. Doesn’t look like its working then.