BNP voters come in two flavours: scum and idiots

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The one thing that has been worse than the BNP winning two seats in the European Parliament today has been the endless hand-wringing and excuses made on behalf of the electorate by mainstream politicians. Last night, the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour were queueing up to come up with excuses for why so many people voted BNP. It was a protest vote, they said, not a racist one. We need to listen more and learn to respond.

Bollocks. The time for a touchy-feely understanding of BNP voters is well and truly over. You could make this excuse in 2001 when the BNP vote first started to flare up in earnest (three months before 9/11 please note – remember Griffin’s ridiculous gag at the Oldham count?) but now is the time to – as Lewis Baston says (pace John Major) – “condemn a little more, understand a little less.”

If you wanted to make a protest vote on Thursday, it isn’t as if you didn’t have a wide choice. What seems to have emerged in recent years is that voters seem to have learned that voting BNP is the best way to get a reaction out of the mainstream parties. It is a form of dirty protest; the difference being that the voters are all supposedly over 18, not toddlers. And yet, like the most awful parents ever seen on Supernanny, the mainstream parties seem to fall for it every time.

Enough is enough. This has started to look like Weimar-era appeasement (note: Godwin’s law doesn’t apply when you are writing about actual neo-Nazis). Politicians have treated the electorate like children for years; we can hardly be surprised therefore that a small minority have now started acting like children. There isn’t a particular policy solution – we can hardly starve the North West and Yorkshire of resources to punish a mere 8% of voters – but we can change the language. We could start hearing mainstream political leaders openly criticise BNP voters rather than merely the party itself. Call them out; take them to task; challenge them. Make it clear that while they can ultimately vote for whoever they want in a democracy, we do not respect their decision.

Does all this sound patronising? Maybe, but then is it really more so than the self-flagelating alternative? No, not every BNP voter is a racist but at the very very best they are in deep denial about racism. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a party which claims to not be racist yet bangs on about the indigenous white race and “racial foreigners” is simply engaging in doublespeak.

BNP literature is full of hate, spite, resentment and scapegoating. It offers simplistic, washing-powder-advert solutions to complex problems. You only vote for such things if you are already predisposed to lash out rather than really look for solutions. In that respect, I think the tone of the Hope Not Hate campaign is spot on; I just don’t see it reinforced by mainstream politicians (let alone the blundering antics of the far-left).

An extremely bad approach is the one adopted by Ian Dunt over on Apparently “there is a tiny fascist in all of us” – to the extent that nobody’s perfect, I suppose that may be true. But where does that get us? I didn’t vote BNP. Most people didn’t vote BNP. Why should we beat ourselves up about it? What will that achieve? Will our mutual hand-wringing suddenly make BNP voters see the error of their ways? I forget who came up with the idea of the “Oh Dear” factor in climate change policy – that being that the problem with talking about how dreadful climate change is that people feel disempowered and thus disengage from the whole debate. Why would we want to elevate something as eminently resolvable as the fact that minority of people vote for neo-Nazis to the same level?

I’ve helped organise several political events for schools over the years, and in particular question time debates in which a panel of MPs are asked questions by a horde of hormone-addled, smart-alec teenagers. In my experience such debates follow the following pattern: the politicians come on stage and mouth a load of platitudes about how important it is that young people get involved in politics; a series of kids ask clever-clever questions designed to “prove” that all politicians are self-serving liars; the baying mob scents blood and the politicos suddenly realise that they can’t get out of this by simply sticking to the script. At that point, something truly wonderful typically happens. At least one politician gets annoyed at their antagonists and starts to tell it like it is; explaining that the kids who are both pro-war and anti-war, both green and climate-change sceptic and both anti-racism and anti-immigration simply cannot have it both ways. Suddenly both baying mob and platitude-spouting politico connects in a way neither were expecting. The atmosphere changes completely. I’ve seen this happen on numerous occasions and the lesson for me is clear: you don’t connect with the disaffected by telling them what you think they want to hear. You can only connect by being authentic and frank with them – even disagreeing with them and challenging their prejudices.

Ultimately, there are just two types of BNP voter: scum and idiots. The scum we can comfortably leave to one side. The rest need to stop being told that their idiocy is some cunning act of tactical protest; they’ve started to believe it now. Idiocy is an eminently curable disorder, but the first step to stop being an idiot is to realise what you’re being. With that in mind, indulging BNP voters is an form of cruel and inhumane treatment.

63 thoughts on “BNP voters come in two flavours: scum and idiots

  1. I’m afraid the wealth you speak of is largely fictitious, as we’ve seen. And when the oil runs out there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth, especially if our population has climbed to 80 million +.

    You say “there’s a worryingly powerful oligarchy which has captured the ruling parties in the UK and US…” Have you looked at the ethnicity of these people? Do you know what their agenda is?

  2. This blogger left out accusations of racism because there was no chance on winning that score:
    Jewish school admissions unlawful

    “Jewish schools may have to change admissions rules after the Appeal Court held that ethnic tests of Jewishness amount to racial discrimination.
    A London school, the JFS, rejected a boy whose mother’s conversion to Judaism it did not recognise.
    Faith schools may discriminate on religious grounds but the Court of Appeal held that this involved a test of ethnicity – which is unlawful….”

    I wonder if this will affect the 12,000 odd charities that will not cater for the White Brit needy or the 75+ quangos that serve only “ethnic minorities” Within UK borders?

    Back to Wiki pop. stats:
    “Note that figures are simply estimates of population divided by total surface area and are not considered in this article as reflecting density in the urban sense or as indicative of the ability of a territory’s land to support human habitation.”.

    Besides what is it with you lot that want us bastardised anyway? Have you never read “The declaration of the rights of the indigenous peoples”? Yes, it does include everyone; it is not meant to be another UK racist statute.

  3. Wherever the European has settled, wealth was created.

    That sounds a bit racist. What are you saying, darky’s lazy?

    Whenever I see a “refugee”. I have never come across one who looks or lives up to their status.

    Its a scam.

    Well it’s not a scam, is it? At the same time you are saying that those abroad fucked up their countries but that the refugees produced by that don’t exist. That’s not logical.

    As far as I am concerned, if you travel across the globe instead of the first safe place then cry asylum. You are a scammer.

    Well, that’s again not true, you may not like it but some people don’t want to live in a mud hole in chad. They want to try to reach somewhere better where they believe they will actually be safe. The UK is one such place; learn to take a compliment when it’s given.

    Fine, if refugees exist in other countries what should we do to help them?

    Northern Ireland. The latest affair was nothing to do with racism. It was pure retaliation at the imported Romanian crime wave.

    Prove it. Bring me crime statistics. You are accusing victims of intimidation so severe that they would rather return to the persecution they’ll suffer in Romania than stay. You are accusing them, the burden of proof falls on you.

    Put up or shut up.

    So is the mental health scam.

    What scam? You think mental illness doesn’t exist? Well you’re wrong.

    Now this bunch of tossers (apparently) want to GIVE 220,000 passports for free. I have to pay £70+

    Thats racism too. Against me.

    Is it free? I think you are wrong. Show me where it says they don’t have to pay.

    What’s bad about migrants getting a Passport anyway? Surely it shows that they are committed to this country? That they want to contribute and become members of our community?

    The reaction in the right wing press has just illustrated how pathetic their “we like the hard working immigrants, we just want to get rid of the scroungers” line is. They want to contribute. Why don’t you want them to?

    You seem to think that this Government discriminates against British Citizens. Well these people are becoming British Citizens so they will be in the same situation as you. Again, what you are saying is not logical or consistent in any way.

    Why don’t you devote all your money to the future concerns of our poor and old pensioners?

    Okay, but we can do that and help refugees. Immigrants are a net contributor to the economy. At worst their economic impact is neutral. So yeah, lets help pensioners, the poor and refugees

    And Finally –

    I’m afraid the wealth you speak of is largely fictitious, as we’ve seen. And when the oil runs out there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth, especially if our population has climbed to 80 million +.

    You say “there’s a worryingly powerful oligarchy which has captured the ruling parties in the UK and US…” Have you looked at the ethnicity of these people? Do you know what their agenda is?

    I’m not sure what you’re getting at here (are you talking about a Jewish Conspiracy?).

    Here’s an article about how the bankers have captured the ruling classes in the US, a very similar tale can be said of what’s happened in the UK.

    Certain sections of the economy have got politicians into their hands and are exercising an unhealthy, near criminal degree of influence over them. Special treatment, special favours, Governments offering them handouts.

    This is dangerous, but the reason we don’t have control of our wealth isn’t immigrants. It’s a class war waged against us by the very rich, with the help of certain parts of our own Government; from Thatcher and Major to Blair, Brown and Mandelson.

    (This is of course an entirely different point. Immigrants are not an economic drain per se. They have been demonstrated time and time again to be at worst a neutral input to our economic output, at best a huge boon. Problems arise when suitable public investment is not made where it should be, but this is not a reasons to punish immigrants, it is a reason to improve local government).

  4. I’m not interested in quoting every source simply because you are in denial. Not seen the irony over some of your comments yet?

    In fact like the 220,000 passports scam I’m having to pay for. Just about every rag I saw reported it.

    Who said Jews? duh! Its about the future:
    No power, no food due to overpopulation… Sounds like a
    death wish from bad governance… I sincerely hope you are young enough to see this happen onto you and your (grand)kids. Remember me.

    A Jewish statistician writes his blog about races:

    Why did you waste your money listening to music this last weekend when you can donate every penny you have to those who only pretend to help the poor? The UK is very soon to be £2,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt. We are told foreigners make us richer. Gas and oil make us richer. Selling our national assets will make us richer. Being in the EU will gain us more wealth. LIARS! The money you have is not your money to waste anymore. Mine has now left the country and has been reconverted.. Its safe.

    Refugees are so named because they cannot be classified as asylum seekers,,, because they are not – They have no legal personality under any law – They are an invention. On Radio2 a lying politician stated they do not jump housing queues. Then he got a barrage of phone callers. All calling him a liar to his face, quoting real life facts.

    ohhh, look at me. I’ve been tortured… All my balls have been cut off. Look, I have fingers missing… ohh. please! The scars, they are soo horrible! I grow my hair long .. they have cut my ears off. Can I claim more money for ptsd please? hahhaa! Refugees. my ass. I Once played a game to an Iraqi man who claimed this, that and the other to my face.. He was around my age too. I showed him my scars and permanent damages reciting all the stories of each and every. He had none. He should be back there, sweeping his own filthy squalid streets. not waiting for some bleeding heart liberal to buy him a road sweeper.

    Oh, your Wikipedia on pop. densities is badly out on China for a start. Never mind the zillion and one principalities that are ‘self governing’ with totally open borders. pish.

  5. AIPAC rules the US – that thug Sharon once boasted (allegedly): “WE, THE JEWISH PEOPLE, CONTROL AMERICA. AND THE AMERICANS KNOW IT.” Here in the UK, Conservative Friends of Israel claim to have signed up 80% of Tory MPs and MEPs. Large numbers of Labour MPs also Friends of Israel at all levels of government. Brown, Blair and Cameron all self-declared Zionists and patrons of the Jewish National Fund. Our most important security bodies – the Intelligence & Security Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee and Defence Committee – are all headed by Israel flag-wavers (Friends of Israel).

    Guess where large chunks of the parties’ campaign funds come from.

    I leave you to draw your own conclusions about ‘influence’.

  6. I’m giving up on you two. For one Woody is an anti-Semite. One who has read the blurb to this book, but evidently none of the content.

    Refugees are so named because they cannot be classified as asylum seekers,,, because they are not – They have no legal personality under any law – They are an invention. On Radio2 a lying politician stated they do not jump housing queues. Then he got a barrage of phone callers. All calling him a liar to his face, quoting real life facts.

    Refugees’ rights were enshrined in national law in the 1905 Aliens act, and later internationally in the 1951Geneva Convention.

    This report does a lot to dispel the pernicious myth that immigrants get favourable treatment, read it if you want.

    Here is my final contribution to this sorry thread.

    I hope you two mellow with age, and come to realise a lot of what you believe is not as clear cut as you think.

  7. When in the history of mankind did Semite = Zionist?

    No, refugees are not enshrined in English law. You keep quoting wiki but you have to read it.

    Quoting the EHCR report: Once again, you did not read it. It gathered its data from the “works and pensions authority”. It only includes citizens from A2 and A8 countries. They are part of the EU. DUH!

    Why do you quote from people who’s sole interest is in what they preach? It is their income, their livelihood. Not omitting the fact they are self interested bigots.

    12,000+ Charities for foreigners in British soil.
    For the British? NONE!

    75+ Racially exclusive quangos.
    For the British? ONE! (They’re working on ways to bastardise that because its waycist.) riight!

    And another last word from me. You prove your bigotry time and time again in showing favour against others. Beware! I might chase you away with a wet flannel and some soap.

  8. James Graham above claims “There is a clear economic case for allowing immigrants into the country” Really? So how come the House of Lords enquiry into immigration, which reported in 2008 (and which included two Profs of Economics and two former Chancellors of the Exchequer) concluded that “there are no significant economic benefits from net immigration”?

  9. Guess what Ralph?

    They left out the extra suffering caused to the indigenous peoples.
    If someone was not born in the UK they are twice as likely to be one, any or all of these things:

    Mentally ill.
    In prison. (Including all sex crimes).
    Fraudulently claiming off the state.
    Avoiding tax.
    Overpopulating while not working. (Having too many kids off the state which is an abhorrent act on any green issue.)

    I think there was more. Go peruse You Gov stats. Its shocking!

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  11. BNP voters come in two flavours: scum and idiots. In the past, yes.

    But if the Tory Government in 2010 doesn’t reduce immigration we might see the BNP transformed much as Sinn Fein has been. It could become respectable to vote BNP. BNP could, despite their despicable roots, become the “pro low immigration” party.

    It is perfectly possible to be anti-immigration but not anti-immigrant, though this is far too subtle a concept for the current BNP to grapple with.

  12. Michael said:
    “It is perfectly possible to be anti-immigration but not anti-immigrant, though this is far too subtle a concept for the current BNP to grapple with.”

    Do you have any proof of this Michael?

    Hows this for a subtle concept:
    Replace “BNP” for “Black”, “Asian”, or just straightforward “Johnny Foreigner” and you would be denounced as a racist; a thug; a bigot; a thick headed pig. Whatever, you name it. You could end up in prison!

    An accusation comes with balance does it not. Why don’t you accuse all potential BNP voters thick and thuggish? I’m sure this will not earn votes to the Cameron camp.

    Falling for the present levels of propaganda by calling people names does not make friends nor influence people.

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