We may live in a police state, but at least we don’t live in their police state

So, what to make of the incarceration of Damo Green? We, not to disagree with a word of what Nick Clegg has to say, I find myself siding with Justin McKeating at the same time.

It IS very worrying, but I find it difficult sympathising with the plight of a party which – when in power – introduced a law which meant that the sound of the members of a certain political party’s voices could not be legally broadcast and who – if they ever do get back into power – would scrap the Human Rights Act (replacing it, at some point, with a vague and amorphous British Bill of Rights which they have stated would afford less rights to individuals suspected of criminal offenses) and hand the police even more powers.

Over the years I’ve often hoped for a bit more self-awareness in Conservative politicians and I realise it is a forlorn wish. They are the stupid party for a reason, after all. But you never know.

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