Who will be the next Welsh Lib Dem Leader?

I’ve written another Comment is Free article on this very subject:

Make no mistake: this election is no shoo-in for either candidate. They are both extremely strong contenders. At its heart, it has become quickly apparent that this election, more than any other in recent years, is going to be about what the Liberal Democrats are for. This isn’t merely a question of policy; it is a question about where the party strikes the balance between gaining power to change things and standing firm in its beliefs with a view to inspiring the electorate. There is real merit in both points of view and it is a question that, with a hung parliament still a possibility, the Lib Dems may yet end up have to answer at a UK level.


  1. And a very good article it is too !! I’ve only just stumbled across it, and I hadn’t realised just how fractious things were getting in Welsh politics !!

    We’ve been sidetracked by the US Elections and there is just as much mud-slinging going on over here. betsan powys has more on this as well, although I gather a joint tv appearance didn’t result in the anticipated cat-fight, not a sign of ‘bitch-slapping’.. but there is yet time…

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