Happy birthday to me – a new blog template!

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Hope you like the new design. I’ve been meaning to replace the old Kubrick theme for some time now. Expect a bit more tweaking, but this is more or less how I want it to be.

16 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me – a new blog template!

  1. I like. Well, apart from the bright white background–don’t suppose you could set an example and at least tone it down a bit?

    I know the whole ‘dark backgrounds are proven better’ campaign is pretty much a lost cause, but ‘burns the eyes bright white’ is something that should be done away with–nice pale grey or blue? Go on…

  2. Pete,

    I’m genuinely surprised you feel it is more cluttered than the old one as decluttering was my main objective. But the sidebar will be getting some more trimming imminently so hopefully that will improve things.


    I will experiment, while being careful to ensure it remains accessible.

  3. Too much white for my poor delicate goth eyes; pretty header gone; orange is horrible.

    It has clearly, therefore, achieved all your objectives!

  4. Ever eager to please, I’ve slightly reduced the contrast and given the whole thing a goth-friendly black background.

  5. OK, page background is black, entry background is mint green, and comment background is still blinding white, but with pale blue or mint green alternating headers. The vast majority of the visible page is therefore still blinding white.

    Seriously, though, you don’t need to change it for me. Even though it’s scientifically proven that dark is better, people still cling to blinding white, which is why I read everything with style=mine rigidly enforced on Livejournal feeds. 99 times out of a hundred, I don’t even see people’s blog theme. It makes it easier all round that way – people can have whatever design they like, and I don’t have to look at it. I only loaded this entry with your theme enabled because I am nosey 😉

  6. Happy birthday! Other than your continuing unaccountable predeliction for cat pictures (they’re rats, I tell you. Look into their eyes.), I like it very much.

  7. Alix – not that it has anything to do with my views on kittehs, I like rats as well and used to keep them (before I developed ethical problems with keeping caged animals in general).

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