Louise Bagshawe – from chick lit to book burning?

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Are you serious?

How do I love Sarah Palin?

Let me count the ways…

I love the excitement she brings to the base. I love how her rallies outdraw Barack Obama. And, for that matter, Joe Biden in his hometown. I love how she handles hecklers: “Bless your heart, sir, my son’s in Iraq fighting for your right to protest.”

I love her politics. And this morning I especially love her hilarious appearance on Saturday Night Live, bopping along to an hysterical rap by nine months pregnant Amy Pohler (go Amy!)

I don’t really know what to add to that. I can understand how people can admire Sarah Palin – damnit, even I admire her gumption. But to love her politics?

A former Labour Party member, Bagshawe was being held up a couple of years ago as proof positive that Cameron had changed the Conservatives. Now she is expressing love for a set of social policies that make Nadine Dorries look like a moderate. Somebody at CCHQ, take action quick! You’re candidates’ masks are starting to slip!

3 thoughts on “Louise Bagshawe – from chick lit to book burning?

  1. hello James – just a quick note to say hi! i am a massive fan of your blog – your political analysis is second to none! sorry i couldn’t make it down to see you at the liberal youth coference – how much did you win the election by??? I know you’ll make a great honorary VP!

  2. ““Bless your heart, sir, my son’s in Iraq fighting for your right to protest.””

    I have to agree, that’s a true classic.

    I mean, what the hell does Palin think is going on over there? The American forces are holding back hordes of Iraqis that would otherwise swarm to the States and set up a dictatorship?


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