The Geoff Hoon memorial poll

In honour of Geoff Hoon’s extraordinary outburst on Thursday evening, I thought I’d run this little poll by you:

[poll id=”5″]

Now, from what he said on Question Time, I’m pretty sure he, like most of the rest of his party, is a life-then-liberty-then-property kind of guy. But who is to be more greatly admired – someone who sacrifices their life in the name of saving liberty or someone who sacrifices their liberty in the name of saving lifes? And what about property? Don’t many people applaud Tony Martin for defending his property?

I’m not entirely convinced that people really do see “life” as the ultimate right – it would be a very grim world if we did. So let’s have your vote and hear how you justify it.


  1. I voted liberty, then life, then property. Oddly enough, so did 54% of respondent, making it by far the most popular answer.

    I know some proper, hardnut authoritarian types, even worse than New Labour. Life wouldn’t be worth living if they had their way. For example, I’ve spoken to the local BNP in their honest moments, & I really am not using hyperbole when I say I’d rather be dead.

    Of course, this will spark a debate about what liberty is, with the usual social democrats & libertarians repeating what they said last time 🙂

  2. “The biggest civil liberty is not to be killed by a terrorist” – excuse me? Like being killed by a terrorist is worse than being killed by your government? Should we mention the de Menezes case?

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