1. What a surprise – deceit and deliberate misrepresentation of the Conservatives based on stereotypes from several decades ago.

    Congratulations. No, really. I can only put your pathetic jibes down to your desire to hide the shameful lack of anything sensible coming from the Lib Dems.

  2. El Fattie,

    #1 and #5 are based on Cameron’s speech in Glasgow last month.

    #2 is based on current Tory policy to introduce tax incentives to save failed marriages.

    #3 is based on Tory policy to lock up Venture Scouts for having pen knives on themselves when they go camping.

    #4 is entirely indefensible other than the fact that I stronly suspect the asylum seeker stuff will be making a comeback as we near the general election due to a growing confidence that Cameron has “detoxified the brand”.

    All of them are based on the fact that, bizarrely, the Conservatives have chosen to use a series of photos of stern-faced people jabbing their fingers at the browser, thus bringing back all those old stereotypes.

    And finally, it is satire FFS. Get over yourself.

  3. #1 and #5 are presumably referring to Cameron’s speech where he told people to take more responsibility for their lifestyle and health. Hardly the same picture that your lame images paint.

    Your suggestion that #2 is based on a policy to save failed marriages is woefully ill-informed. The Conservatives are going to end the ‘couples penalty’, through which some couples receive more government help for living apart (even if they are actually still together). Seems fairly rational to me.

    #4 will not make a comeback.

    Satire is funny; this is lame. I also notice the lack of a retort to my remark about the amusing / painful lack of policy from your beloved Lib Dems….

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