Government plan for cig crackdown is too weak

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The government’s plan to make it even more difficult to market and sell cigarettes doesn’t go anything like far enough. Personally I think they need to do something serious, such as ban the word “cigarette” which sounds far too innocuous, even friendly. Surely “paper based tobacco smoke inhalation system” would be a better term? We could start by banning the term cigarette on the packets themselves and then reach out to TV, the press and eventually the internet. Pretty soon we could be issuing fines to people for even saying the word out loud in the street.

Some people might object that this all sounds a bit too draconian, but what about the children? And it’s not like I’m actually talking about banning the things, that would be illiberal.

1 thought on “Government plan for cig crackdown is too weak

  1. You say “paper based tobacco smoke inhalation system” but that hardly gets the message across. How about “Nasty, ashtray-kisses, smelly clothes, stinky cancer, killer, dirty, dirty, paper based tobacco smoke inhalation system”?

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