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Dedicated readers may have noticed some feathers being ruffled in the comments sections of my articles on the UK Column and Common Purpose. My favourite is a link to a video of a lecture given by Brian Gerrish. If you have two hours of your life going spare, check it out. My favourite part is his claim that he has had sight of a secret document on the Common Purpose website which is all about “how to take control of a city”. Damning stuff, but apparently he couldn’t download it because that would leave a “footprint”. In which case, if he couldn’t download it, how did he manage to read it?

Gerrish’s style is fascinating. He seems to excel at lulling his audience into submission by showing them slide after slide after slide of completely dull emails and other papers and ask innuendo laden questions about them. Do that once and it is pretty meaningless but repeat the process and it can be bloody effective. You have to take a step back to realise that he’s just taken 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 and come up with pi. Given that he insists that the common practice of taking questions in public meetings in groups of three is a Delphic mind control technique one is compelled to ask: what mind control techniques did he pick up of his own during his time in the military?

There is also a recurring thread in all this about Demos and the IPPR being Communist organisations. Communist? As think tanks go they are about as work-for-hire and cravenly capitalist as you are likely to find (no offense, like). Demos’ latest work with Charles Leadbetter about direct budgeting in the health service is about as close to dismantling the Stalinistic tendencies of that great British institution you are likely to find short of privatisation.

I also enjoy all this “Common Purpose = CP = Communist Party” stuff. This from a newspaper which used to call itself the Plymouth (and Devonport) Column. PC sounds very similar to CP if you ask me. And what about Column? Sounds a bit like both “Common” and “Communist” to me. I think we should be told.

Following all this as I have been over the past few months I’ve been fascinated by this split between Brian Gerrish and David Noakes. There was some kerfuffle a few months ago when one faction refused to distribute the other factions newspaper. It now emerges they have formalised their split, with Noakes publishing the Westminster News (and retrospectively going back and changing all the old Columns so they have the new masthead – nothing wrong with a bit of Stalinistic airbrushing of history is there?) while Gerrish is now publishing the Column with the help of the New Battle of Britain group.

Their latest effort is now available to read online. This issue they have chosen to take to task the “quisling” Daily Mail for running a campaign on plastic bags when it should have been dedicating all its pages to covering the IWAR demonstration at which a couple of old soldiers and a dog turned up (that’s me being all figurative and sarcastic folks – did you see what I did there? Whichever way you spin it 3,000 people turning up to a national demo is a fucking disaster). They also seem to be getting very into divine revelation. Given their apocalyptic visions of the EU, don’t be surprised if they don’t all end up chugging the Kool Aid in some abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere at some point.

Gerrish = Koresh – it’s all linked, see?


  1. I think you saw the same DVD I did James. And what a complete waste of time it was too.

    I saw it as part of a casework request from a party member who insists that the new world order is about to take over the world.

    As you say, Gerrish presents copies of e-mails/letters that don’t really say a great deal, and then puts up the (familiar to all conspiracy theories) pyramid under the all seeing eye.

    “A gentleman, who wishes to remain anonymous” Gerrish tells hs hushed audience, “downloaded this from the secret part of the common purpose website.”

    Which is where you would hope most people turn it off and go and do something useful, like try and eat their own forehead, which is what I wanted to do after having wasted about 2 hours watching the drivel.

  2. My favourite part of that video is where he shows a slide and says something to the effect of “This is an official common purpose document that shows the types of people they are targetting”, under the ‘take control of a city’ theme.

    If you look carefully it has: “Major Crooks” at the bottom left. I think that’s a technical term…

  3. It’s taken you – what? – six months to come up with that insult and you can’t even spell “fiddler”? Yeesh!

  4. Thank god someone is questioning this man… anyone who talks about a Marxist conspiracy at this time when the labour party has become so far right is either bonkers or using far right rhetoric. I think this man is dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why he never got his bloody funding in the first place. I think he’s justifying his own sense of failure personally.

  5. I notice how the bearded lardy looser who writes the unresearched gubbins above mentions that he has a girlfriend! I’ll believe it when I see it… I’ll bet ‘she’s’ got a beard too, the political transvestites of the Lib Dem party are funny like that.

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