The rise of the spamblog

One of the more annoying trends of the past few months has been the rise of the spamblog. I’m not sure if that is the correct term for them (although I notice at least one other person refer to them as such), but they are those weblogs, apparently entirely bot created which do nothing other than steal/reference other people’s blog posts in the hope of going up the Google ratings.

I don’t know if it is simply that this site has become more popular of late, but I’ve been bombarded with them recently. Where they get annoying is you end up finding copies of your own post (and others) littering search results (see homeophobia as an example).

Obviously I don’t approve any trackbacks I get from these, but anyone know the best way to scupper them in their tracks? Is there a way one can report them to search engines?


  1. Yes, I’ve had quite a bit of my content copied and republished. I wondered why and how this worked.

    Reading what others have written, these spamblogs seem to read RSS feeds to pick up the text, and then they republish it with adverts attached to generate revenue.

  2. If they carry Google Ads, which they usually do, click the Ads by Google link in one of the ad panels. The page it takes you to has a link for reporting the site to Google, and republishing your content is a reason you can give.

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