Grant Shapps is no potty mouth – official

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The Conservative Party’s campaigning guru Grant Shapps has had another setback, almost losing a council seat in his Welwyn Hatfield constituency on a 22% swing. Apparently it was all a cunning stunt to undermine Nick Clegg, just as his Ealing Southall Lits-up was a ploy to get rid of Ming.

So much for the partisan willy-waving. What ticked me the most is this follow up comment from Sal Brinton:

I’ve just had an email from Grant, who says he doesn’t swear, and given that it was an amicable (albeit exciting!) count, shall we just say that he certainly made his surprise known.

No, Shapps doesn’t swear. Whenever he feels the urge, he always counts “1234” first.

I promise to start writing about something other than Grant Shapps soon – the stories just keep coming!

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