Iain Dale perfectly sums up what’s wrong with the Conservative Party

Pravdale writes:

LibDem Voice should have been in its element today. But it hasn’t posted anything since the result 2.39pm and a Clegg Youtube video. Aren’t our yellow friends happy? Are they all getting hammered down the pub? Where’s the analysis, where’s the agenda for the future? This is why ConservativeHome is still streets ahead of its competition.

I love the way he talks about the idea of people celebrating in the pub (actually Planet Hollywood I understand) like it is a bad thing and a far worse use of time than blogging (and yes, I do appreciate the irony of sitting at home typing this). This perfectly illustrates why the average member of the Conservative Party might as well come from Mars as far as most normal people are concerned. What a strange little world they live in!

It also profoundly misunderstands the nature of Lib Dem blogging. Unlike the Tories, we don’t all hover around our hive hoping that Queen Montgomerie might deign to give us some royal jelly. There’s plenty of analysis to be found on Lib Dem blogs if you actually care to look. Unlike the Tory blogosphere, the hub is not the be-all and end-all of our web-presence.


  1. Thanks, James. It’s typical Iain, I’m afraid – preferring off-the-cuff whateverness to any serious thought-through analysis. Cos it’s what he does, and That Is Blogging. (Fwiw, I was in Council meetings.)

  2. Quite right – and wasn’t it David Cameron who talked on Sunday about decentralisation. This Iain Dale post confirms that most Tories wouldn’t recognise decentralisation if it hit them in the face.

  3. Personally if I were a Clegg supporting LibDemer I’d be in the pub celebrating not bashing the keys to spew ‘reaction’ onto the internet…nothing wrong with having a beer when times are good. 😉

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