Miranda Grell: stop fighting, start saving your soul

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Shortly after I posted my own comment on Miranda Grell’s failed appeal, she posted her own:

Following yesterday’s decision at Snaresbrook Crown Court to uphold my conviction for two offences against the Representation of the People Act 1983, I have, this morning, resigned from both the Labour party and my job working for the Deputy Mayor of London, at the Greater London Authority.

Although I know I am innocent, what I have been convicted of amounts to bringing the Labour party into disrepute and gross misconduct of the Greater London Authority constitution.

I cannot expect either of these organisations to continue to formally support me in these circumstances.

I have also resigned from the Compass Management Committee.

Many thanks to all of you who have today sent through messages of support.

Our fight continues.

All fair enough, but she seems to have conveniently forgotten that she admitted, in court, to spreading unsubstantiated rumours about her opponent’s sexuality door-to-door (even if she denies ever calling him a paedophile, which the court decided she did). She also continues to fail to even recognise the huge consequences that had on Barry Smith’s personal life.

Denial is a horrible thing; it’s so all-encompassing. I really do plead with her, and her friends, to recognise the damage she caused and to contemplate on that fact. Apart from the fact that this looks very much like a fight she cannot win, there is a danger that it will end up consuming her.

I can’t presume to know the mind of Barry Smith, but if ever there was a case for restorative justice, this is it. Both of them could gain enormously from sitting in a room together with a mediator and talking over their experiences.

I don’t think Miranda Grell is a homophobe. I think she got carried away by a party strategy of dirty tricks and discovered she was a little too good at it. It’s clear to anyone who has walked in Labour circles that she was well liked and a lot of people thought she was set to be the next big thing. I think she’s capable of redemption, but she needs to recognise her guilt first.

Stop fighting Miranda, or you’ll destroy yourself.

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