EXCLUSIVE: The meaning behind Mark Oaten’s cryptic comments

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Lib Dem Voice has the skinny on Mark Oaten ruminating on the possibility that he might quit early and force a byelection. Stephen Tall has quoted from the Hampshire Chronicle Oaten’s views, but I can exclusively reveal the subtext:

He said it was “me me me”.

Mr Oaten said he did not intend to trigger a by-election but “me me me”.

He said if the “me me me” came up for him and his wife, he would “me me me”.

The father-of-two said: “I hope people understand.

“Me me me me me me me me me me me me me.”

People may recall that the good people of Winchester are not known for their forgiving nature when it comes to having unnecessary byelections foisted on them. Nice as it would be for us to increase our majority by one million per cent a second time, I feel it may be asking a little too much.

8 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The meaning behind Mark Oaten’s cryptic comments

  1. Go on Mark, go for that by-election, then we can finally get rid of you once and for all and Steve Brine can finally become MP for Winchester!

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