Ian Blair must go

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When I logged onto Facebook a few minutes ago, I was surprised that there didn’t seem to be a group calling for Sir Ian Blair to resign, so I took the liberty of setting one up before I get invited to “Support Chris Clegg/Nick Huhne (delete as appropriate) and his heroic campaign to get rid of Sir Ian Blair”:

The Buck Stops Here

I’m utterly baffled as to why he isn’t already gone. Whatever happened to people taking responsibility for the organisation they are in charge of? The only person in public life who appears to have understood the concept of responsibility was Menzies Campbell, and his only “crime” was being too old at the wrong time.

By contrast, not only does Blair want to stay, but he wants a bonus for his troubles. His position is simply untenable.

8 thoughts on “Ian Blair must go

  1. Why do you want Ian Blair sacked? For being nominally in charge of a massive organisation which made a (pro-rata) rare error?

    If the victim hadn’t been an illegal who had overstayed his visa by a considerable length of time, he would not have been in the vicinity on the fatal day.

    PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE – the Met spend all their time dealing with shysters, gangsters and terrorists and the occasional mistake, in their world, may involve the death of an innocent person.

  2. He should not resign over the original incident. He should go because of the attempted cover up and the lies. It’s that simple.

  3. We understand that its hard to police the world with such radical groups around and I can even see how an accidental shooting could occur but what is horrifying people is the fact that this supposedly highly trained firearms office fired 11 rounds at the victim from 30cm away 7 of which were head shots and 3 of which missed ,which is even on a police training range a totally unacceptable amount of rounds fired and rounds off target. He would have been stone cold dead after the first 2 head shots at that range so to then unload another 5 rounds when the potential threat is a bloody corpse already is quite literally total overkill.It shows a total lack of control and these guys are NOT allowed to lose it as they are given the responsibility of life and death and most of the training is about being sure and using the minimum amount of lethal force to get it done.
    Otherwise lets not give them 9mm glocks , we may as well give them fully automatic assault weapons and be done with it !Even in war an enemy combatant after he is no longer a threat is given the same medical attention to try to save his life that we give to our own.This is called being a Human(e) being. They could have made sure he was no threat and then tried to save him not unload another 5 rounds into the head from just over a foot away !Trust me a couple of rounds to the chest left or right of the heart would have put him down instantly but still given some chance of survival
    If he had been a suicide bomber then the trauma the other people suffered on the train would have been justified and the officers would have been heroes .The problem was he was an innocent who bears no likeness to the man they say they were tracking ! It leaves the people who watched an innocent man get brutally murdered in a place that I doubt they will ever recover from.It also begs the question of how incompetent is the whole police force if the supposed cream of the crop are this crap at their jobs

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