Advice to Lib Dem Bloggers re Trident: shut up!

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It is now almost a week since Steelgate. In that time, the Lib Dem blogosphere has been obsessed with the topic of Trident.

It was a bad political miscalculation of Chris Huhne’s to make such a big deal of it over the weekend. Almost certainly, his intention was to make the announcement before his manifesto launch so that it wouldn’t overshadow his manifesto. Well, it has.

People can agree or disagree with his stance: I certainly think that Clegg has now made a creditable rebuttal. But if this election ends up being remembered as the Trident election, the party is going to end up looking bloody stupid.

I know it is impossible to ask people to stop thinking about bright purple gorillas with yellow polkadots, and almost certainly just as futile to suggest that people might want to discuss something other than Trident for a bit, but please try.

15 thoughts on “Advice to Lib Dem Bloggers re Trident: shut up!

  1. You realise that the conspiracy theorists will say this is an attempt to help Clegg/Huhne [delete as appropriate] by cutting off debate which their respective supporters think will help them? 🙂

  2. Probably. I swear – if I ever do come off the fence and call for people to support Clegg/Huhne, I’ll get accused of attempting to undermine their campaign.

  3. “the Lib Dem blogosphere has been obsessed”… You mean Linda Jack and about three other people….a portion of the LibDem blogosphere. And indeed, it appears today that the last remaining redoubt of the Tridenters is indeed our esteemed Jackster.

    I thought they would get the message with my “Calm Down dear, it’s a leadership election” but perhaps not.

    But you realise that the fastest way to get LibbyDems rabbitting on even more about a subject is to tell them to “shut up” don’t you?

    There will now be a riposte from Linda Jack and perhaps others, I can see it now.

  4. You are correct on both counts Paul – I should probably have kept my mouth shut.

    At least I can correct my spelling…

  5. But that’s what I like about your blog James…one day a 5,000 word thesis which must have taken you about five hours elapsed time, much consideration and several drafts to create….the next day a quickie shot from the hip-and to heck with the consequences! Marvellous!

  6. Jo: Pots and kettles, Hayes.

    Laurence: Actually, I’d quite like to hear the candidates’ views on religion (or rather secularism).

  7. Well Paul, how could I disappoint you?! Actually, I agree with James, the problem is that Chris just doesn’t want to let the subject drop. When he does, I can assure you I will be quiet as a mouse!


    PS – Laurence, I promise you I will get onto religion once we have got this election out of the way!

  8. Hi Linda. I thought about you when I was writing my latest attack on religion AND the military. Of course if all the Christians in the world were as lovely as you, there would be no problem to speak of! 🙂

  9. At least it is a debate about an issue where the two candidates have different positions.

    Yopu are probably right that we’ve now heard enough about Trident to make our monds up, but I do hope there will be more debate about ‘ishoos’ as Tony Benn calls them, and less of the silly stuff.

  10. Neil – I wholly agree. I just think they should pare down to “ishoos” of real significance to this campaign and less on ones that might excite us internally but fail to communicate our values to a wider audience.

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