EXCLUSIVE: why this blog is called Quaequam Blog!

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I’ve spent all day being asked by journalists “why is your blog called Quaequam?” To start with, it isn’t. It’s called Quaequam Blog! – the blog and exclamation mark are important. Secondly, it has nothing to do with latin (I should hire Ros Taylor as my personal spin doctor – she always makes me sound so glamourous) – those Grammar school years were totally wasted, trust me.

Frankly, I think I signpost the origins of “quaequam blog!” fairly explicitly on this blog these days. The clues are all these. Ultimately, the real reason I call this site Quaequam Blog! is that for 99.9% of the population it is completely obscure while 0.1% understand it immediately. All hail obscure, pointless in-jokes!

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: why this blog is called Quaequam Blog!

  1. I’ll bet these journo’s mum’s threw their collections out as they headed off to journalist school 🙂

    A sad indictment of today’s press

  2. Anyway, can I suggest a blogger whipround to buy the Lib Dems an autocue?

    Did you see Newsnight last night? A succession of mumbling furblers staring at their scripts, and for some reason going on about border control all the sodding time. Nick Clegg: reading. Danny Alexander: absorbed by reading script. Simon Hughes: has joined the Surveillance Party, and anyway looks like a sweaty car dealer in 1978.

    The only competent speaker was this Scottish guy called Kennedy. Where’d we get him from?

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