Confidentially speaking…

Funny thing that Doctor Who Confidential. It is supposed to give you the inside gen of that particular week’s Doctor Who. This week, Derek Jacobi was the main guest star. Without wanting to give anything away, you would have thought they would have at least mentioned that this is his second appearance in Doctor Who, after this. A remarkably appropriate little factoid as well, given what actually happens in the episode.

(As an aside, it is fascinating visiting a website from the dim and distant past of 2003. They did things differently back then.)

It’s doubly strange given that while they appear to be ashamed of their Derek Jacobi-related past, they seemed quite happy to acknowledge their past association with Eric Roberts.


  1. Maybe it’s because they’d have had to acknowledge their link with Richard E Grant to do so, and having already featured Roberts, the ham level for the show was already dangerously high?

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