Daily Archives: 7 June 2007

Roy Lichenstein and Adam West have a lot to answer for

An interesting-ish article on comic book films in today’s Times, but why is Dominic Wells’ piece headlined “Kapow! The new film superheroes.”

The use of sound effects in the headline on an article in a national newspaper about comics is an inside joke. Either Wells and/or his sub-editor are unaware of this, or they are deliberately taking the piss. If the latter, then they are being too clever by half.

Some interesting stuff here about 2000AD in talks about a new film, although I’ve heard that so often over the past decade I’m past caring. More intriguingly, the success of A History of Violence has apparently opened up the possibility of a Button Man film, also originally written by John “Dredd” Wagner. It remains to be seen if this develops into a Jason Statham-starring no-brainer or something more interesting.

But Zach Snyder doing Watchmen? Ugh. His one innovation on 300 was to add war rhinos. Do I really need to say any more? For some reason, Hollywood seems determined to do everything it can to make a nonsense out of everything Alan Moore ever wrote.