How elections work

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Ignore me. I’m talking shite.

More quality journalism from the BBC (cf From fact to headline: how the media distorts news):

Headline: Brown ‘may not face leader vote’

Okay, so this presumably means that a) the other potential candidates are unlikely to stand or b) that if he is the only candidate he will be declared unopposed.

First para: Gordon Brown will not face a vote if he is the only candidate to succeed Tony Blair as Labour leader, the party’s National Executive Committee has said.

Okay, so (b) it is then. But no:

Para halfway down article: Tuesday’s decision, during a day-long meeting of the NEC at Westminster, spares Mr Brown having to go through an “affirmative ballot” if he is the only candidate.

So even if he’s the only candidate, he WILL face a vote. What did that headline say again?

What makes me wonder is how the monkey who wrote this thinks it might work.

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