The SNP: the choice of all trade union bashing evangelical homophobes

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Do you think, when Alex Salmond explained that he was against the Union, Brian Souter thought he meant something else?

I suspect the SNP have made a bad mistake here; they’ve just aligned themselves with one of the most toxic figures in British business today. The gloves can start to come off now.

UPDATE: PinkNews coverage. Quoth Peter Tatchell:

“The SNP would never accept a donation from an avowed racist, so why are they accepting funding from a man who is clearly homophobic?” commented Peter Tatchell, of gay pressure group OutRage!

“Accepting this tainted money is an outrageous insult to every gay person in Scotland and to everyone who loves and respects human rights.”

3 thoughts on “The SNP: the choice of all trade union bashing evangelical homophobes

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this James. A deeply unpleasant man running a horrible union and competition busting company. Let’s hope the SNP rue this donation. It will hardly enhance their ‘progressive’ credentials as an alternative to Labour in Scotland.

  2. Aye and the lib dem’s are the party of of choice for convicted crooks when are you going to pay the money back you got to fight the last election Lib Dems financed by a crook

    The Lib Dems soft on crime how will that go down when the public see you refuse to pay back stolen money

  3. No one disputes that the Lib Dems took all reasonable steps to check out Michael Brown in advance of accepting the money. It was clearly a political mistake to accept the money from someone they knew so little about, but it is wholly different from accepting cash from an individual whose nasty, bigoted politics is public money.

    The SNP will be forever tainted with this cash – they’ve just given Brian Souter license to comment in the media on every single decision they make, and sent a message to anyone disgusted with his politics that the SNP considers them with contempt.

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