Up and Downs on the Fringes

UKIP seem to have got stuck in a one-step-forward, one-step-back grind. No sooner than it has been announced that their Plymouth branch have split asunder and formed their own breakaway faction (who, hilariously, call themselves the New Battle for Britain – you can hear their eyeballs squelching in their sockets as they swivel from here), than they gain two new members of the House of Lords from the Tories.

‘Twas ever thus with parties on the extreme fringes, and all does rather strengthen the case against them being a mainstream party. We may yet see two distinct Eurosceptic fringe parties fight the next European Elections, which paradoxically may see the Cameroonian Conservatives hemorrhage activists yet rally support.


  1. I think it’s healthy to have such a party. I don’ agree with them but if anyone is strongly eurosceptic then which party would they vote for? The problem with UKip like the Green Party is that is primarily a one issue political party.

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