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I’ve been terrible at blogging recently – it’s amazing how quickly you can get out of the habit. I’ve been attempting to write a piece for Hands Off Our Future only to keep getting side-tracked (this evening my excuse being the need to watch the third part of the excellent Tory! Tory! Tory!).

A couple of things:

  1. Get this week’s New Scientist while you still can. A fascinating feature about eco-cities. The broad thrust of this article is absolutely correct – we need to make our cities radically more green to survive – but the devil is very much in the detail. It leads me to ponder if we should be attempting to squeeze ever more people onto brownfield sites at all – wouldn’t we be better turning them into parks and agriculture and instead building purpose-build ecological mini-suburbs in the greenbelt.
  2. Doctor Who was great this week – completely left field. Like Will (whose site seems to be down again atm), it got me whacking on my ELO CDs (never far from my hifi). Still think Horace Wimp would have suited the story better than Mr Blue Sky though. It strikes me that the critics have been giving series two a quite unwarranted mauling, although admittedly most of the reviews I’ve read tend to like the episode they happen to be reviewing this week, just not anything else. Personally, I’ve found the excellent has vastly outweighed the mediocre. It could do with a little more bite, but I get a sense we are leading up to something rather bitey indeed…

Oh, and don’t forget Liberal Drinks this Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Not dead yet

  1. I think my MySQL database connection has been playing up 🙁

    I like Horace Wimp but it’s not as well know a song and you can’t really dance to it. I love Mr Blue Sky but from now on the end will be tinged with a little bit of sadness (not of the Doctor Who fan variety).

  2. I agree about the New Scientist article. I only bought a copy as a leftfield holiday reading choice. Left me hopeful that the solutions are there if the political will materialises. Left me hopeless that that will ever happen.

    Certainly made me think about what we could do in Leeds.

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