Stitch that Cameron!

It looks like the Brown-Cameron green pissing contest is game, set and match. What Dave would do for a book title like this.

(and yes, I know the fact that a book has the word “brown” in the title is a little tenuous, but its a lot more concrete than anything either of these pillocks have been bilging all week).

UPDATE: Interesting to note that the book being recommended by Amazon as “better together” to accompany this one is titled “Dime’s Worth of Difference : Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils”. No comment.


  1. It’s an interesting post but it doesn’t neccesarily indicate a conspiracy. After all, Luntz’s memo has been publicly available for a while now and Cameron may simply have read it approvingly.

    That said, Luntz’s stuff on Newsnight last week was the most appalling hack work I have ever seen on that programme, calculated entirely to work in Cameron’s favour. The fact that Luntz is biased towards Dave looks pretty certain to me. The bigger mystery is not whether Luntz and Cameron are working together, but why Newsnight continue to use him.

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