When Loonies Attack

For the past few days, my blog has been inundated by comments to my two recent posts on the English Question coming from English Nationalists, presumably because of a reference on the Cross of St George forum and Campaign for an English Parliament blog.

It’s all got a little bit out of hand, and I must reply soon, but I don’t have time right now. Suffice to say some of the swivel-eyed loonery rather makes my case for me. Regular readers, enjoy!


  1. You have my sympathy mate I have been watching the cross of St George forum becuase I fell foul of them also because i suspected that they would do what indeed they have done, and that is to make pulic one of my email addresses. They are indeed loonies who can’t be bothered to read what people write, but pick out a sentence which sevres their purpose and take it completely out of context, then throw insults like liar, moron, dickhead at the author. I actually didn’t think they had the capacity to describe themselves with such accuracy.

  2. Awww heres a tissue.

    Don’t make articles when you can’t handle the replies, and I read some before you censored them and they was not insults. Your a liar!

  3. “they was not insults”, “your a liar”

    Interesting that some people call themselves English nationalists, and yet are incapable of constructing a grammatically correct sentence in the language.

  4. I know this is your Blog, James, but I hope you don’t mind me saying that the only comments on Bondbloke’s posts which were not insults were contributed by me…

  5. Then it would of been in Bonds interests to leave them there.
    I know for a fact Toque’s first reply was not an insult, but a good responce.

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