The Ticket

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Saw the first episode of the seventh season of West Wing on Sunday. Could be good. I was particularly struck by Santos saying to Leo McGarry “you’d have to stage another heart attack in order to pull out now.” It’s sad how those words now take on prophetic meaning.

Back in the real world, it occurs to me that John McCain is currently looking a shoo-in for 2008. I can’t see Hillary cutting it somehow. Who can beat him?

It looks as if there may be an answer however. Cthulhu keeps threatening to make an impact, but the lazy old bugger won’t get out of bed – frankly, he is the Ross Perot of intergalactic evil overlords. He could make an ideal running mate however.

3 thoughts on “The Ticket

  1. That first paragraph was going to be in my post about last night’s episode too. Very sad.

    A very good episode though, although the teaser at the beginning was rather gratuitous and cheeky.

  2. I have a feeling Warner could beat McCain if he can get the Democratic nomination… there’s no way Hillary can win unless the Republican nominee makes a huge screw-up – she’s a lightning rod to the right.

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